Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bada 2.0 Available for all Waves

Samsung has announced that the recently releashed updated version of Bada operating System Will be available for all wave devices.

Initially Bada 2.0 comes with only three waves WAVE 3 ,WAVE M, WAVE Y , but now it will be for all wave devices.
But due to hardware limitations some of the wave smartphones won't get the full feature set that bada 2.0 brings.
Some of the key features of Bada 2.0 are ::

  • Accelerated Functions : Multi tasking , Speech recognition , NFC , Wi-Fi direct , Push Notification
  • Extended Developer Coverage : HTML 5 , javascript Framework, Flash ,WAC 2.0
  • Enchaned Tools : Emulator , Performance analyzer , profiler
  • Enriched Business opportunities : In app ads, Global Store ,Various methods of billing.

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